About PeriodicTeez

“We must reason in natural philosophy not from what we hope, or even expect, but from what we perceive…”

-Humphry Davy

…from its roots in some of the earliest recorded science in Ancient Egypt and Greece, to the Medieval alchemy of the Middle East and Europe, through the Renaissance and development of the Scientific Method, and through the rapid explosion of development of modern chemistry through to modern quantum concepts… Chemistry has held a place in the public’s sense of wonder and progress.

If you’re here, you feel it too!

Welcome to PeriodicTees – where we have created a project to share our (and your) unreasonbly high nerd-tomic affinity for science!

We’ve set out to make a very accurate and good looking set of scientific designs. We try to put all of our designey potential energy into our products, while insulating ourselves as much as possible from heat loss during the transfer of our ideas to these products.

Please let us know what you think… if you have ideas, inspirations, or want to partner on something fun!

And.. oh yeah, please enjoy the Tees!

About Our Product

We are science and technology professionals and supporters who turned our passion into something we can share! We hope you enjoy the single element design and can access our elements spelling designs on our sibling sites!

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